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    Alafia abure

    the only Taboo I know is that of OLLA LLANSAN and OBBA not with CHANGO

    but here is a pataki for you to read and learn on OBBA :

    Oba herself was a queen and a monarch. She was a warrior queen at that. Where she ruled, she would defend her kingdom as well as conquer new territories. She had learned the art of forging bronze, and battle from her brother Ogun. Ogun never taught her the secret of iron though. Oba Nani was very benevolent, strong and resourceful. She devised methods for her people to process grains faster than anyone else, and this gave her kingdoms and her fifes economic prosperity comparable, if not exceeding that of her neighbors.
    In another kingdom known as Oyo, a ruler by the name of Dada Bayani was ousted. The people felt him (or her) unfit to be a ruler. For those who view Dada as a female, the odu Obe bara marks the transition, and beginning of male dominated monarchy that would apply to the rest of the world for in this odu, the sole purpose of Dada’s remove was because she was a female. Dada, not yet willing relinquish all of her power seated her younger brother Shango onto the throne where she would be able to rule behind the scenes.
    But Shango eventually came of age, an as a good king must, he needed to take a wife for himself to support him as he ruled his kingdom and future empire. Here, we begin to see the tactical prowess of the fourth Alaafin of Oyo. A marriage out of love was an uncommon luxury for that era, especially for a king. Shango, when deciding who to court, chose Oba, a ruler and warrior queen who had the potential to be either an essential ally or future foe. He knew that by marrying her it would not only instantly increase the scope of the kingdom and insure peace during his reign, after what happened to his sister, he knew that he would have the lion’s share of control over not only Oyo, but the lands that would become his as part of his marriage. And thus the kingdom of Oyo began to become an empire.
    When marriages are arranged, we expect love to come later, with time. Naturally, Oba fell madly in love and became a devoted wife to her husband Shango. And Shango loved her. But he never stopped loving dance, nor the attention of women as he would woo crowds with his talents and feats of magic. And so, his charisma eventually attracted Oshun to him. Being married, he could not marry again, but he made time for her often, lavishing her with gifts and keeping her close by. Oba knew of Shango’s infidelity but knew it was not her place to speak out against her husband. In fact, with time her and Oshun began to interact and even become very close friends. They would console each other when Shango sought after other interests. Oshun would teach Oba her craft as a witch, secrets of heaven and they both grew together to become very powerful.
    Oba’s attitude to her husband however was beginning to hinder her life. While Oshun did as she please and even fought with Shango when she felt slighted, Oba would only look for more ways to appease him, and the warrior queen, with time became even more submissive not realizing that it was the fire in her soul that Shango loved most about her. And that was beginning to fade.
    Olofi had eventually decided that the orisha were each worthy of worship by humans and should be the heads of their own cults and have their own spiritual children. Until then, Orunmila and Osain were performing all rites for the orisha and doing the same thing for each one. Olofi declared that each orisha would from that day forward have their own osun eleri and be responsible for their spiritual children on earth. Each of the orisha heeded the call and arrived at Olofi’s palace at the appointed time so that they could kneel before Him and receive osun eleri. All of them that is except for Oba who lost track of time because of her constant investigations into the life and whereabouts of Shango. When she remembered, she ran to Olofi’s palace and knelt down but it was too late. He had no more to give her and told her to rise and leave, that her foolishness had caused this to occur. She went home and cried to Oshun, telling her about all of her sadness and despair. Oshun comforted Oba and promised to assist her. Oshun told Oba that she would give birth to her children on earth for her. And so, all children of Oba were born of Oshun.
    With time, Oshuns relationship with Shango also grew weary. He became furious with her one day when he returned from a long trip only to find the people of Oyo praising Oshun for having vanquished a leopard that was killing its citizens. Shango could not stand for his own woman to have taken the title of kunlempe (killer of leopards) from him. They argued to no end. Oshun settled the matter by setting Shango’s house on fire. It is unclear as to how far they reconciled after that, but sure enough, Oya was soon to come into the picture.
    One day while traveling through the hills he met with a woman of strong character who seemed to be challenging him though dance. Shango amazed at this woman’s gall, he too began to show off and soon, they were dancing very close. Their challenge might as well have been a love poem for Shango was enthralled and demanded to have her. Oya did not object.
    It did not take long for everyone to notice that Shango loved Oya more than he had ever love Oshun or Oba. Oba thought that Oya might reveal to her the secret for keeping Shango so happy. Oya was not willing to relinquish her position as Shangos favorite, but she did not want to be overt about it either. Instead, she decided to conjure a plan that was sure to push Oba, the legitimate wife of Shango further away than ever. Oba still enjoyed the privileges of being Shango’s true wife and Oya wanted to see how she would change that.
    Always wearing a head wrap, she told Oba that the secret to Shango’s heart was in making a special stew made from her own ear. “That is why I wear this wrap” Oya said, “so no one will see my scars”. Oba, desperate to make Shango love her made amala stew for Shango with one culinary variation, she severed her ear and added it to the meal. She served it to Shango who then asked what was it that floated in his bowl. When Oba told him that it was her ear, so that he would love her again, he flew into a rage, throwing the amala against the wall. He made it very clear to Oba that she would forever hold the technical position of ‘wife’ in his kingdom, but never again would she feel even a morsel of his affection.
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      Wed, November 22, 2006 - 12:51 PM
      Thank you Tomas for your posts, they are highly useful and the table is always richer for them. Alafia, Travis
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    Wed, November 22, 2006 - 3:55 AM
    Ase Omari,

    You post the same question everywhere. The Olokun question was completely answered here by Tomas and others and after that you posted the same thing elsewhere.

    The same people are usually in the same groups, so...

    Maria d'Osala
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    Thu, November 23, 2006 - 5:23 PM

    You might find it more beneficial to contact the people you received those Orishas from in the first place. After all, the customs and practices of one's own lineage take precedence over the customs and practices of other people's lineages. Asking for information on the Internet is like an Aleyo throwing their own Diloggun. The Lukumi version of Russian Roulette.

    I hope you find the answers you are seeking, but asking 20,000 people the same thing generally only leads to 'paralysis by analysis' as you seek to figure out who is telling you true. The "truth" is what your lineage and Ile and your own direct Elders share with you.... anything else is just someone else's way of doing something.

    Hope that works out for you,

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    Mon, November 27, 2006 - 8:19 AM
    I have heard of this before and I have to admit that this annoys me very much...Obba being in Lucumi faith to be the only legitimate wife of Chango. Obba does not destroy relationships ... she brings the unity of this. In several Ita's I have heard she will not tolerate extra marital affairs, abusive language, or mental aggreavation to one's partner.

    Obba is as Tomas' essay and a true queen. Alot of Cuban beliefs are manifested in ways that of the story of how she lost her ear dur to malicious advice and how she came to be...

    When I received Obba she brought a very sensitive feeling into my life and altered how people approached me and spoke. I adore this Orisha with the love she has given me. And in one instance I had to service her and Oya together in order to open my path wider and lo and behold recieved Yewa...which I have no regrets... and recieved even more blessings.

    So please understand Obba is a beautiful Orisha treat her with the same respect as would yourself.

    Tomas' essay is very exquisite and beautifully well versed...and also the Caracol does not lie...bit investigate all the same...
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      Tue, November 28, 2006 - 6:14 PM
      Alafia Kevin ,

      I hear your words so true ... when I recieved Obba Nanni I felt a great joy and peace she taught sensitivity and to listen well to people before I act . One thing that many forget Obba brings peace to the house she is the perfect symbol of sacrifice in love matters and can also help with the home life as well .

      Queen and warrior but also the perfect wife and harmony in relationships
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        Wed, November 29, 2006 - 5:54 AM
        Alafia Tomas,

        Obba Nanni the true and upmost respected Orisha has infact helped so many relationships and bonded ones that have been "jinxed". But in all Obba Nanni has given foundation to marriage and as you stated harmony.

        The sensitivity that is also brought is true and warm hearted. Helping those that have been saddened by a broken heart. Bringing forward the hope that the destined one comes forward. And I have seen it .

        She teaches us to love ourselves before loving another.... for Obba will bring forward
        the respect and love that will be shared.

        And Tomas it is always a great pleasure to read your work...Thanks for the input and the sharing.

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