Thank you to all the Iya's / Apetebii

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Aboru Aboye,

I just wanted to take a time out here to acknowledge the Iya's and Apetebii's whom without, Ifa would cease to exist.

Many do not know that is by your hands that the Opon's are able to breathe and bring forth new life again.

It is with the utmost gratitude for your assistance that I post this as without you, there would be no Ifa.

You cook, you clean, you make phone calls, you counsel others in our absence, you tell us where our wallets are, you organize the ate', you remind us to eat, and the list goes on.

I honor you all for your profound but often misunderstood role that is essential to bringing the wisdom of Ifa to the people and keeping Ifa alive .

Without you, there IS no Ifa.

Ire, Awo Fabukun
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