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I have a question to anyone who can answer me honestly... Im am the child of Olokun and I am confuse on what i should do as to either crown yemoya or just received the male olokun from the babalows.... From my understanding Olokun cannot be put to the head direct so therefore they crown yemoya...however once a child of olokun is crowned yemoya they are no longer the child of Olokun but the child of Yemoya... Now my question is this.... If Yemoya didnt claim me why would i want to crown her and give away my rights to be the child of olokun? Since Olokun is male and the only way you can received the male olokun is thru a babalows then why would anyone crown yemoya and just received the male olokun? And also is the female olokun is just another road of Yemoya and really not the true olokun? And one last question... If i cant crown Olokun direct... then what should i do????
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    Sun, April 3, 2011 - 10:49 PM
    Alafia Dee,

    In addition to being an Awo, I am a Priest of Olokun. If you are a child of olokun i would say please do not give up initiating into the mysteries of this incredible Orisa.

    You CAN inintiate to olokun. And whether it is viewd as male or female is about regional differences.

    Dont throw this away, being Omo Olokun is a great gift. If you need to initiate it, I would be happy to help you achieve that.


    Awo Fabukun
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    Mon, April 4, 2011 - 3:22 PM
    Hello Dee,
    Dee if you are confuse, you should talk to your Padrino about it. He is the one to explain and teach you about Yemoja and Olokun. For one they are as one. But here is a site that might help you understand more about Olokun and Yemoja. there you will find out many things. Like I said the persons to teach you are your padrino and madrina okay. I wish much in life and that everything goes well for you.


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      Mon, April 4, 2011 - 3:56 PM
      Dee, I'm sorry to say this; and, I am by no means trying to be cruel. But what you have said below is utter nonsense; and, you are confused because the person who told you all of that stuff is confused. First of all...we are born with our spirits. Ifa simply tells you what those spirits are and who your head is. Yemoja (Mami Wata) and Olokun (Agwe) are two DIFFERENT pantheons of spirits/orishas/voduns.

      One inhabits the deep part of the sea where there is no light (Olokun/Agwe) and one inhabits the upper waters of the sea where there is light or it filters through (Mami/Yemoja). In each of these pantheons of spirits there are male and female adapts. Just because Yemoja is a female and Olokun a male has NOTHING to do with your initiation process. For instance...Both my husband and I are Mami Wata. Our head spirits are Dattatreya (or De'su the African name). He is male and I female. The Chef Supreme du Vodun himself Dagbo Hounon is Agwe (your Olokun) and his female counterpart, in the temple, Nagbo is also Agwe. The problen, in the diaspora, is that people really do not know or understand these spirits. Much has been lost because of the slave trade. You need to find a good diviner. One preferably outside of the United States!

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        Re: child of Olokun

        Mon, April 4, 2011 - 10:14 PM
        Agbo Ato wedosi,

        for all our prior disagreements, I couldnt agree more.

        As a Priest Of Olokun, I thank you for clearing up the severe misunderstanding of these sacred, ancient african deities.

        Although there ARE priests who maintain the traditons of Africa here. Albeit VERY VERY few. Even if they say they are traditonalists.

        Awo Fabukun
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        Re: child of Olokun

        Tue, April 5, 2011 - 3:28 AM
        Okay .. so basically what you are saying is that i can crown Olokun direct? In our house they dont do that, they state that when someone crown olokun one of the babalows end up dying before the yabo turns 1 and they state why would a person want to put the ocean in their head? Like i said im very confuse on what i should do, in my heart its telling me to crown Olokun and dont let noone crown me yemoya, however in the house that im in they want me to put yemoya in my head, ... so should i look elsewhere to get crowned the correct way? Or should i just received the male Olokun from the babalows and call it a day??
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          Tue, April 5, 2011 - 5:17 AM
          dee sweety...what you've got is a complete mess! Maybe the Olokun priest, below, can give you some advice; but, I would go private with it...and began with a reputable diviner. Maybe he knows one.

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    Tue, April 5, 2011 - 8:07 AM
    Hi, Dee!

    I concur with what has already been pointed out -- Olokun and Yemoja are two different spirits. In fact, amongst the Yoruba people, Yemoja was/is considered a riverine goddess, while Olokun has always been believed to be the owner of the depths of the ocean.

    Don't worry about the gender associations with the different orishas. They are divine aspects of the Creator, given responsibility over both elemental forces of nature and human endeavors. The other details, like whether or not They were ever human, possess a gender, appear with a certain skin color, etc., are ultimately immaterial. What's important is that They exist ,and They are willing and able to interact with us.

    It is said that there are 401 orishas. Given the fact that the Yoruba people perceive that EVERYTHING possesses a spirit/soul, then the actual number of orishas is potentially infinite. Again, what's important here is that, regardless of how many orishas there are, only some of Their initiation ceremonies have been retained, for whatever reason.

    Olokun, Aganju, Orisha Oko, and Osain are just a few who are immediately come to my mind when I think of orishas who are not commonly "crowned" in certain regions. But, as others have pointed out, what was forgotten in one location was remembered in another.

    If you feel strongly about this, you need to speak with your godparent. Based upon his/her response, you may have to make a decision -- to be crowned Olokun, oro Yemoja... Or... find a tradition ("denomination" of Ifa) that knows how to crown Olokun directly. Several folks have already pointed to those traditions that do have this knowledge.

    I personally know a number of people who are omo Aganju (oro Shango), omo Olokun (oro Yemoja), omo Obba (oro Oshun), etc., and they seem content with their initiation decision, but whose to say what they may have "given up" in making the choice that they did? I have no idea...

    Just remember... this religion can only be truly learned by watching and doing, so be certain to choose a godparent with which you can work and learn, or endeavor to find one reputable priest who will crown you Olokun and another reputable priest who will agree to "adopt" you and provide you with the training experience you will need (in the event that you have to travel a long distance or out of country to be crowned).

    Good luck!



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